10 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

Blogging is the dream job for those who are love to writing and it is a massive source of income in this modern era. Anyone can start a blog in a few simple steps. However, if you want to build a successful and beneficial blog, you need to set yourself on the right way. This article will share ten concepts you should know before you jump into blogging. That will help you create a significant blog.

  1. Blogging takes time, efforts and appropriate plan.
  2. Define your niche.
  3. Content is king.
  4. Choose the right domain and hosting.
  5. Good looking theme is a must.
  6. Add topical photos and videos.
  7. Basic SEO.
  8. Update content regularly.
  9. Relationship matters.
  10. Need to know copyright issues.


Blogging takes time, efforts and appropriate plan:

Blogging is a lengthy process. Therefore, ask yourself why you want to start a blog before you are getting started. Moreover, your goal is to make money online and want to get quick rich blogging is not a good choice for you. It requires hard work, it takes time and appropriate planning for a growing audience. You have to go a long way, so be patient to become a successful blogger.

Define your niche:

It is essential to know about your target audience. Who is going to read about your blog and identify their needs, interest, and concern? When you get a clear answer It will help you come up with a praiseworthy subject to write about.

Content is king:

Content implies that unique, high-quality, interesting and informative. Go for quality over quantity. Quantity is needed to increase and maintain your traffic, but quality is more important over quantity. If your reader gets an informative article from you they become your regular audience and nobody will like your blog if you publish uninformative articles.

Choose the right domain and hosting:

Choosing wisely the right domain name and hosting is important for your blog. Choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce, spell,  as short as possible and you can use your keywords and brand name. Web hosting is one of the most important decisions when starting a blog because this is where your website files are stored.

Good looking theme is must:

The blog design can influence your audience. Moreover, your blog is frightful and hard to read, then sure nobody will read it and it can seriously make or break the first impression of your writing.

Add topical photos and videos:

Photos and Videos are the most engaging form of content on the internet. Users are actively looking for video content. Video content is more effective to engage your audience. So, choose a topical photo and video.

Basic SEO:

You have to learn basic search engine optimization (SEO). Which is a fundamental and very effective way to drive traffic to your blog. SEO is very complicated but you have to know a few tips for traffic from search engines.

Update content regularly:

It is necessary to update your content regularly. According to demand, some information can be changed. So you need to be updated.

Relationship matters:

Blogging is a social activity and you need a reply to people who make comments, talk to other bloggers & influencers, and write guest posts for other blogs. It will be beneficial for the success of your blog.

Need to know copyright issues:

Be your own. Build trust with your audience. If you are original you can earn trust from your audience.


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